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Design Pride 2019 – For the most exciting, most “democratic” and certainly most amusing event of the Milano Design Week, organized by Seletti in collaboration with the agency Paridevitale, the multifaceted artist and designer Niccolò Spirito (b. 1980) presents with STUDIO 420 an unprecedented project in Milan.

Spirito will showcase an original bus (model Fiat 418 – registration number 420) from the 1970’s, transformed for the occasion into a Club Seventies.  Drawing inspiration from the name of a infamous “Studio 54” club in New York, Spirito re-elaborates the Culture from the 1970’s and Radical Design, dismantling the original interior piece by piece and manipulating the interior with a personal twist.

The anachronistic dance floor on wheels will parade from Piazza Castello to Piazza Affari, showcasing the artist’smultifaceted creative verve which, in this case, navigates between Concept, Design, and Superior Craftsmanship.

The presence of a Live DJ Set contributes to the uniqueness of this complex customised project and gives a voice to Design.